Our Story

Everyone has a story. Grand or small, well-defined or still in the making, stories intersect and create new stories every single day.

Timothy Semro and Michael Henry were living out separate stories until the day their paths crossed. In 2013, they joined together and began the journey from colleagues, to partners, to friends. It was their dedication to using every legal means possible to protecting their clients’ families, livelihoods and futures that brought them together.

What sets SHB apart in the most dynamic way is our guiding ideology that each client deserves not just the expertise of one attorney, but the collective creativity of the entire team. Each case is reviewed and discussed to craft the best strategy for any given situation.

To read the individual stories that have positioned us to work with you today, click over to our bios or just pick up the phone and call to schedule a meeting.

We look forward to meeting you and your family and making you part of the Semro Henry & Barga story. With attorneys licensed in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Florida and California, our team is here for your needs.

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