Practice Areas

Estate Planning & Probate Law

No one likes to think about what happens when they die or lose a loved one. But, by not planning ahead, you may subject your family to extra expenses, avoidable disagreements, and a lengthy probate court process. The estate planning and probate attor… Read More

Asset Protection Planning

Life is full of unplanned happenings. Divorces, lawsuits, and troubled business transactions can quickly diminish your accumulated wealth. The good news is that with proper planning your assets can be protected from all of these things. The key is to… Read More

Business Planning

Whether you are just starting out or your mature business is expanding, a business plan is essential to the longevity and success of any business. Semro Henry & Barga business planning attorneys have worked diligently with business owners large and s… Read More

Civil Litigation

Semro Henry & Barga’s attorneys have extensive experience serving both as plaintiff and defense counsel. When you hire an SHB lawyer, you are not just hiring one individual who has one skill set, but a team of individuals whose combined exp… Read More

Criminal Defense

Semro, Henry & Barga proudly includes one of the most innovative criminal defense attorneys in the area, Toledo criminal defense attorney Jonathan Brown. Jonathan’s experience finding creative solutions to difficult problems means you can feel… Read More

Misdemeanor & Traffic Offenses

Ohio misdemeanors typically have a maximum punishment of 180 days’ incarceration and $1,000 in fines. Traffic violations can result in incarceration, fines, and the loss of your driver’s license, depending on the severity of the offense. Mistakes… Read More

Felony Representation

The severe penalties of a felony charge in Ohio require effective, aggressive, and strategic representation. Toledo felony defense attorney Jonathan W. Brown provides exactly this to every client who walks into SHB Law. Felony charges that Jonathan r… Read More

Juvenile Delinquency

Even the best of kids can find themselves in a tough situation; one where they’ve made a bad decision in the spur of the moment; one that may even result in a juvenile criminal charge. Read More


Being pulled over under suspicion of driving impaired is a harrowing experience; getting arrested for charges of OVI, DUI, or OMVI is something no one ever intends. Ohio’s drunk driving laws are complicated. Navigating the varying levels of offense… Read More

Family Law

The term “family law” casts a wide net into various legal matters that concern families. Cases range from adoption to child custody issues, child support, marriage, divorce, and surrogacy. If you are facing a divorce or dissolution, child support… Read More

Zoning Law

Semro Henry & Barga represents public and private entities regarding Ohio zoning and land use planning. Our work includes advice and advocacy during the zoning application process, related administrative proceedings, and litigation. We welcome yo… Read More

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