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Katrin E. McBroom

Toledo (Office): (419) 517-7377
Fax: (419) 517-7378

Katrin E. McBroom practices primarily in the SH Trust and Estate Administration Management department (TEAm) and in estate planning. She takes pride in alleviating her client’s stress during difficult times by making the administration process simple to understand, whether it be a complex trust or small probate. By immersing herself in difficult estate administration issues, Katrin has gained insight into thoughtful, streamlined estate planning solutions. She also practices in business and real estate transactions. Katrin knows every business is unique and has experience drafting and negotiating custom contracts. No matter what the issue is, Katrin’s goal is to help every client feel well informed and comfortable about their decisions. Katrin and her husband (John) own a local martial arts school (All American Karate), where they teach American Karate and Alpha Krav Maga to the community. She specializes in training law enforcement officers and women’s self-defense. They live in Toledo with their daughter (Millie), and very handsome Great Pyrenees (King Théoden).