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Paulette M. Anderson

Paulette M. Anderson focuses her practice in the areas of estate planning and estate administration. Paulette is passionate about providing her clients with timely and easy to understand solutions for their complex estate needs. Paulette currently se… Read More
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Holly M. Dye

Toledo (Office): (419) 517-7377
Fax: (419) 517-7378
Holly M. Dye focuses on estate planning, real estate, and business planning and transactions. Her favorite part of working in estate planning is crafting plans that serve the unique needs of each unique client. Prior to becoming an attorney, Holly wo… Read More
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Brigitte Schultz

Toledo (Office): (419) 517-7377
Fax: (419) 517-7378
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Jennifer L. Brown

Toledo (Office): (419) 517-7377
Fax: (419) 517-7378
Jennifer L. Brown is the managing associate of the Trust and Estate Administration Management department (TEAm) and specializes in complex trust and probate administrations, as well as estate planning. The experiences learned during her many years as… Read More
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